Company Profile, Areas of Expertise and Partners


Climate Technology Profile

Climate Technology sal is a contracting company specialized in the supply and installation of electrical and mechanical systems for the following industries:


  • Hospitals (operating rooms, clean rooms,  special ventilation and air conditioning)
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Universities and educational institutions
  • Shopping malls and resorts
  • Residential  and commercial projects


Climate Technology sal (originally Clim-Tech sarl) was founded in 1996 by Théodore Khayat and Roland Rahal. The company started off in the HVAC field, specializing in split and central systems for small and medium residential projects. As the company grew in size and experience, the first chilled water project was completed and handed over in late 1998. A plumbing department was added in 1999, along with an expansion in staff and technicians. As the portfolio of projects increased, Climate Technology naturally expanded towards the electrical contracting field in 2000, thus providing its clients with complete electro-mechanical services. Today, Climate Technology sal employs around seventy experienced mechanical and electrical engineers, along with 500 trained foremen, skilled and semi-skilled technicians.


Climate Technology sal has become part of the Climtech Group, holding company of the following:


  • Climate Technology sal:MEP contracting company operating in Lebanon under Commercial Registry number 1006690  
  • Clim-Tech sarl: electro-mechanical maintenance company operating in Lebanon under Commercial Registry number 70100 
  • DRN Ltd Offshore: operating internationally
  • RCK Travaux Electromécaniques sarl: electro-mechanical contracting company incorporated and operating in Algeria under the Commercial Registry number 16/00-08 B 0938131
  • CTQ (Climate Technology Qatar LLC): Electro-mechanical engineering and contracting company operating in Qatar


Climate Technology Mission Statement:

" We will provide our clients (owners, construction managers or contractors) with the best electro-mechanical contracting services at the most competitive prices and within the time frame allocated. We strongly believe that the concept of “time is money” applies not only to owners and developers, but also to all trades that must strive together to achieve a successful project."


Our Goal:  Our goal is to become a world class electro-mechanical contracting firm.
Our Vision: To achieve our goal, we focus on People, Technical Expertise and Honesty


People: Success starts with PEOPLE. We strongly believe that a company is as good as the people who represent it. We are extremely selective in the process of hiring our engineers and technicians.


Technical Expertise: We believe that keeping our highly qualified staff in touch with state of the art technology is critical to achieve our goal.


Honesty : We strongly believe that honesty starts at the top and reflects thereafter on all levels in a company. By keeping a high level of transparency between the top management and all the staff of the company, we encourage everyone to take ownership of the work he or she is accomplishing.  



Climate Technology Areas of Expertise


  • Boilers (steam and water)
  • Floor heating
  • Trench heaters and radiators
  • Stainless steel chimneys
  • Ventilation and air filtration
  • Smoke ventilation and management
  • Chilled water systems (Air cooled / Water cooled / Chilled beams / District cooling)
  • Central DX / VRV systems
  • Variable air volume
  • Venturi type variable air flow controllers
  • Ducting and insulation
  • Grilles and dampers
  • Energy recovery
  • BMS and controls



  • Sanitary and drainage systems
  • Water distribution
  • Water treatment
  • Fountains and pools
  • Variable and fixed speed pumping systems
  • Solar energy (vacuum tubes and selective panels)
  • Fuel oil systems
  • Gas systems
  • Compressed air systems
  • Kitchen and laundry
  • Irrigation systems and controls


Fire protection:

  • Sprinkler systems 
  • Dry and wet risers 
  • Fire pumps (NFPA and UNI) 
  • Fire suppression systems (CO2 – FM200 – Inergen) 
  • Water mist



  • Medium voltage distribution
  • Medium voltage stations and transformers 
  • Panel boards (MDB’s – MCC’s – LP’s – DP’s) 
  • Power distribution (bus bars – cables – cable trays – PVC, EMT and rigid steel conduits) 
  • Lighting 
  • Earthing and lightning protection 
  • Clock systems 
  • Fire alarm systems 
  • CCTV systems 
  • Access control systems 
  • Intrusion protection systems 
  • Music systems 
  • SMATV systems 
  • Dimming systems 
  • Emergency power systems 
  • Generator and UPS systems
  • Central battery system 
  • Telephone and data systems



Climate Technology's Partners

Théodore Khayat

Managing Director

Mr. Khayat graduated from Purdue University (MS in Civil Engineering) in 1987. Mr. Khayat brings many years of experience in contracting, engineering and management in the United States (Perini Construction, Garmen Associates) and in Lebanon (Climate Technology).

Mr. Khayat is currently in charge of all business development outside Lebanon.


Roland Rahal

Managing Director

Mr. Rahal graduated from the University of Michigan (MS in Mechanical Engineering, MS in Industrial and Operation Research) in 1986.

Through his carreer in the United States (Cronite company, Colgate Palmolive) and in Lebanon (Indevco Masterpack), Mr. Rahal has gained extensive experience in engineering contracting and construction management along with an in-depth knowledge of financial and human resources management.


Nabil Cordahi

Director of Engineering

Mr. Cordahi graduated from Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal  in 1991 (BEng in Mechanical Engineering) and obtained his Masters in Electro-Mechanical Engineering from McGill University in 1994. He joined Climate Technology as the Director of electro-mechanical engineering in 2003.

Mr. Cordahi, through his experience with Bombardier Canadair, Debbas Entreprises and A.R . Hourié brings many years of technical and engineering expertise to the company.


Rami Abou Chakra

Director of Operations

Mr. Abou Chakra graduated from the University of North Carolina (MS in Mechanical Engineering) in 1999. He joined Climate Technology as a mechanical Engineer in 2001 and became the Director of Clim-Tech sarl in 2006.

Mr. Abou Chakra brings extensive experience in project management through his experience with Parsons Inc. in the United States as well as an extensive electo-mechanical maintenance and technical experience.